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Corporate Culture and Core Values

Vision: Tian Ge Interactive is here to make the world smile everyday.

Mission: Our mission is to bring optimism and joy to the masses by building technologies and platforms that enable live social video interaction.

  • Showcase the power of youth through every video window.
  • Break geographic boundaries and share the world's sparkle and vitality through the global network.
  • Establish harmonious online ecosystems with an ever-changing horizon.
  • Meet and exceed each and every customer’s needs.
  • Maintain a consistent focus on corporate responsibility by introducing programs and activities that create a better     and healthier society.

Core Values:

Integrity & Honesty

Preserve the virtues of honesty and integrity throughout our business practices.

Optimism and Dedication

Conscientious with self-regulation, dedicated to maintaining Best Practices.

Open Communication & Innovation

Consistently and proactively innovate and share with the world at large.

ICP certification: Zhejiang B2-20080281-3 Network Culture Operating Permission-

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