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Mobile Live Streaming

As a leading live social video platform in China, Tian Ge operates a number of renowned live social video communities, including “Miao Broadcasting”(喵播) and “9158”. Leveraging on its leading industrial position, the Group’s flagship product, “Miao Broadcasting” entered overseas market including Thailand and Indonesia, to fully capture the opportunities arising from the robust growth of mobile live streaming market in China, Asia and the rest of the world.

“Miao Broadcasting” is the most down to earth nationwide mobile live streaming application. The innovative multi live streaming feature provide users brand new mobile live streaming experience, users are allow to freely switch to multi-player broadcasting. The application is well received and recognized by the market within a short period of time, and ranked top in App Store.

“Crystal Live Broadcasting” is a popular mobile live streaming application, with tens of thousands of presentable and talented hosts. The original “real time audio sync” feature allow users to closely interact with their prince and princess charming.

Happy Live Broadcasting offers not only HD beautifications feature, but also perfect mixing effect to facilitate singing performance. The exclusive original offline idling without data usage enable users to enjoy real time intra platform interaction and to meet diversified needs of users.

“Feng Broadcasting” is a social live streaming platform for internet celebrities, the innovative miracle gifting system is of super fun.

Many-to-Many Communities

Our “many-to-many” communities offer users a wide selection of rooms. Content ranges from karaoke and singing competitions, talk shows centered on comedy, sports, and pop culture, as well as lectures about finance, education or personal health. Each room supports 3 to 10 live video streams. Our advance technologies enable our users to multi-cast and communicate simultaneously without lagging, supported by our synchronous multi-stream video technology. Room capacity is typically limited to 1,000 users, which enhance users’ experience. and encourages users to socialize and interact via video, audio and text.

The Group’s eight “many to many” live social video communities including famous product like 9158 and Sina Show, which have different user demographics, content and geographic focus respectively. The group’s products are available on PC, and the Group developed customized Web, Androids and IOS versions of selected communities, “mobile + PC” dual live streaming model is well developed now.

majority of For example, 9158 users are typically between the ages of 18 and 30, living in tier 2 to 4 cities in Central, Eastern and Southern China. While Sina Show users are over 30 years old from Northern China, and with relatively higher income levels.

One-to-Many Community

Sina Showcase is our “one-to-many” live social video community, where host perform to a large group of audience via a one-way video stream. Users can access Sina Showcase through virtually any web browser, and join thousands of other users to simultaneously watch and engage in real-time video performances. Users can search for their favorite hosts and performers by search engines or by recommendation of the AI system, and interact with them virtually through text messaging and virtual gift exchanges.

Mobile Games

In 2013, we published the first mobile game < Three Kingdoms' Legacy: GUOZHAN > in China. It is a card RPG mobile game with a background in Three Kingdoms' period which has the function of GUOZHAN.

In 2015, we published the card game called < Pokemon- Mobile game>. It is a game of Pokemon Raising. It recalls players’ memory of childhood, and got favorable comments from players as soon as it went live.

From 2016 to 2017, < Pokemon- Mobile game> exported to Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East and the other English countries and so on as many as 6 languages’ countries. The players’ number has nearly reached 1.5 million and consumption sum has reached 1 million. In Indonesia, it was the best seller for several times and it certificated that “ Pokemon”’s big attraction in 80s and 90s’ players. In the same years, our dark ancient background based ARPG mobile game < Dark Throne> were the best sellers in Chinese market as same.

In 2018, we explore overseas market through H5 games actively. In the first half year, we have published 2 games in the Facebook Istant Game Market. One of them, is well welcomed by players from Southeast Asia. And another of them is called which get 70000 users in the first 2 days went live.

We’ll answer the call of overseas’ target of the company and feedback our players with more and more funny games.


In line with the “Live Streaming+” strategy, we tapped into the financial technology industry in 2015. In Jan 2016, the Company announced its strategic investment in an internet financing enterprise specializing in vehicle mortgage loans, In the following year, the Group completed investment in 4 Fintech platforms, namely SFDai, Tutengdai, Goodsure, Hushang, covering Auto mobile financing in major cities like Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

As of Aug 2017, the 5 Fintech platforms,, SFDai, Tutengdai, Goodsure, Hushang are operating in compliance with related regulatory framework and entered into margin custody agreement with Jiangxi Bank, as the Group attach great importance to the legitimacy.

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